Essential Learning Targets

Charles City High School & Charles City Middle School

Charles City Middle School & Charles City High School

CTE - Career and Technical Education
          Computer Applications, Intro to Business, Money Management, Financial Planning,
          Business Law, Accounting, Character & Leadership, Work Experience, Human Relations,
          Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Video Productions, Sports Management 
         ProStart Level 1
         ProStart Level 2
     Industrial Technology
         Precision Metalworking and Welding

ELA - English Language Arts
     6th Grade
     8th Grade
     American Literature
     Creative Writing I
     Creative Writing II
     English I
     English II 
     Film As Literature 
     Intermediate Composition
     Reading / HS
     Technical Writing

     6th Grade
     7th Grade
     8th Grade
     General Math
     Elementary Algebra
     Algebra I
     Algebra II