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Charles City Middle School PBIS

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Charles City Middle School students working around a table What is The Comet Way?

Charles City Middle School is proud to announce our seventh year of Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS). PBIS is now being referred to as The Comet Way. The Comet Way is designed to improve the school climate and culture by teaching our four cornerstone expectations: Respect, Responsibility, Effort, and Citizenship.

The Comet Way process is focused on improving our school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. The Comet Way provides a systematic approach for schools to design, implement, and evaluate effective school-wide, classroom, non-classroom, and student specific plans. The Comet Way includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for all students and all staff in all settings. The Comet Way is an approach to creating a safe and productive learning environment where teachers can teach and all students can learn.

How does it work?

The Comet Way expectations are taught to students at the beginning of the year and are continuously reviewed throughout the year. The behavior expectation matrix is provided below.

When students are observed following The Comet Way, they receive a “C-Buck”. C-Buck’s can be used to purchase items at "The Comet Cart" on Fridays, towards a classroom goal, or a grade level incentive. In addition to these incentives, students also receive recognition for their positive behavior by participating in school-wide celebrations.

CCMS recognizes that our students are continuously learning. In the event that a student’s behavior is not meeting The Comet Way expectations, the student will be redirected by staff. If the behavior continues, staff will reteach the student the expectation and if needed, request the student to complete a “Think Sheet” which is considered a minor referral. Think Sheets allow students time to reflect on their behavior. Three minor referrals will result in a major referral which will require additional consequences.

In an effort to provide parents timely communication about their student’s behavior, we have now moved our Think Sheets online. This will allow parents to be notified any time their student receives a minor referral. If you would like more information regarding the situation or your student you can then follow up with that teacher.

5th grade teacher working with two students on a chromebook computerThe Comet Way Google Classroom

All parents be will invited to The Comet Way Google Classroom with the email address you provided at registration. Please check this email and accept the invitation to The Comet Way Google Classroom sent from your student. In addition to The Comet Way Google Classroom, you will automatically be added to any other classroom your student is involved in. This will allow you to access homework assignments, homework completion, and other classroom announcements. The Google Classroom App is also available for free via your smartphone.

Moving Forward

CCMS is committed to providing all students with a safe and positive learning environment. Please continue to watch the district website as we continue to update our communication with the community.