Principal's Message

Bryan Jurrens

Bryan Jurrens
High School Principal

Welcome to Charles City High School: Home of the Comets!

At Charles City High School we take pride in cultivating a culture that will prepare each one of our students for success after high school.

At Charles City High School we believe in the Charles City Community School Districts “Way of Life”:

Our mission is to engage, inspire, and empower students and staff in order to maximize learning.

We take every step necessary to ensure that we are doing what is BEST FOR ALL KIDS.

We treat everyone at Charles City High School like FAMILY.

At Charles City High School we are COMMITTED to our mission, and we continue to work to give our students and staff opportunities to be LEADERS.

We work hard to ensure that all members of the Charles City High School Family are PASSIONATE and are able to leave their positive mark on our school.

Finally, at Charles City High School we are INVITATIONAL to our family as well as each of our guests.

Charles City High School is a 9-12 building serving 500 students.  We offer a large variety of courses to our students including many advanced, AP, and dual-credit options.  We pride ourselves in individualizing each student’s experience and work to cater to our student’s needs.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Charles City High School at 641-257-6510.



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